Timber Outhouse Constructions

‘A timber outhouse construction’, this might not sound too impressive, but the possibilities are truly endless.  Think of a garden office, timber garage, stables, gazebos, sunrooms, play houses, pavilions, sheds and workrooms.

An outhouse can be kept simple, like a garden shed, however with the right design you can transform your home/work life environment for the better.

If you are looking for additional space, whether it is for work or play, an outhouse is worth considering.

An outhouse can not only transform the look and feel of your grounds, it can provide additional space, it offers outside storage thus freeing up indoor space, or could just be that much needed extra room.

With a tailor made outhouse, you can be part of the design process to ensure you get the most out of the construction once it is complete.

Timber is an ideal building material.  It is a solid natural material, and is safe to handle and work with. Most timber is malleable, so it lends itself perfectly to unlimited design possibilities.

It is a renewable product, and as our forests continue to grow, and new trees are planted, the supply will never run dry.  It is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t release any toxins into the environment and isn’t harmful in any way.  Timber is naturally a good insulator, it is easy to work with and readily available.

These are just a few reasons why timber is such a widely used material in building.

Bespoke buildings

Imagine being in complete control of how your outhouse is constructed, from the initial design to the actual build itself.  Think about what you intend to use the space for; will it require heating for the winter months, power points or a water supply?  With a bespoke construction the build can be made to look natural, as if it has always been there, it can take on the overall look at feel of the grounds that it is situated in.  Whatever your vision, this can be made a reality.

The biggest benefit of bespoke design is being able to choose how the outhouse looks from the outside, and inside.  You can decide on whether you need one open plan space, or separate areas.  Ideal if you are planning a home office.  If you are thinking of a bespoke garden shed, you can design it around housing your garden furniture, the lawnmower and garden tools.

Why not think about a multipurpose timber construction.  It could be somewhere for the children to play in comfort, doubling as a summerhouse for everyone to enjoy.

The right people to call

If it is a timber outhouse construction that you are after, contact Evolution Trees.  We’ve experience in sheds, car ports, summerhouses and more.  We can take care of the design, advising on the right materials, the build, or alternatively we can construct from flat packs.  In addition to this, we can also offer bases and foundations, as well as power and water points.