Timber Construction

Have you ever considered decking for your garden?

In recent times, more and more people are choosing decking to enhance outdoor space which may otherwise have limited use.

Decking provides a host of benefits to both the home owner and the environment.

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The homeowner

A well thought out decked area can create much needed additional space.  It can be transformed into a relaxation area to enjoy on a summers evening, used as an outdoor play area for children, or simply a means of including the outdoor space indoors!  With the right accessories, such as garden furniture, play equipment and barbecues, the possibilities are endless.

A professionally decked area can also hide a multitude of sins.  They are ideal for concealing inspection covers, whilst still retaining access.  If your garden isn’t level, a decked area can be constructed in such a way that you are left with a level, more useable space.

Decking areas are also perfect for the ‘non-gardeners’ out there.  Once the decking has been constructed it requires minimal maintenance.  No more unsightly weeds or regular grass cutting required!

The right treatment of your decking will ensure it stands the test of time.  There are a few simple guidelines to remember:

  1. Brush the decking down, removing any large clumps of moss, and loose debris. Most garden centres have a range of easy to use cleaning products that are ideal for this job.
  2. Once the decking is clean, apply a protective coat to ensure the wood remains healthy. Again, garden centres, DIY stores will stock such products and will be able to advise on the best product for your decking, as well as advice on how often the wood will need treating.

Why wood?

Wood in itself is a very pliable material, ideal for use outdoors.  Whether you are aiming to achieve the rustic, natural look, or choose to paint/stain the wood with a colour of your choice.  It is strong and durable and with the correct treatment will last a lifetime.  Look into the various types of wood, and choose the type best suited to the look and feel of your property and garden.

The environment

The place where we all live, as will generations and generations after us!  A clean environment is essential for healthy living, and more and more people are considering the environment with the lifestyle choices they are making, that is why they choose timber framing.

These days, most manufactured hardwoods remain 100% bio-degradable; this is good for the environment!  The conversion of timber consumes far less energy, and creates far less pollution than other man-made products.

Not forgetting the by-products, saw-dust and wood chippings that can be used elsewhere.

The professionals

So, you’ve decided that decking is for you?  Perhaps you have a design idea in mind, you might even have decided on the wood you’d like….. All that is left to do is contact the professionals.