Timber Constructed Garden Sheds

Timber Constructed Garden Sheds

The traditional garden shed. With its basic shape and simple yet functional design, the garden shed is a very common sight. Made from timber and situated on a concrete plinth, it’s the perfect place to store the mower, tools, gardening apparel and anything else that is not suitable for the indoors.

But, could there be more to a timber construction? Could it be made into a garden feature, or a place for relaxing? The possibilities with timber constructions don’t need to start and end with a shed!

Timber Plus Points

So what makes timber such a good building material?

Natural – Timber ages beautifully, adding extra character as it changes its look and feel. Naturally sourced timber isn’t toxic, so won’t release chemical vapours into the environment. It is safe to handle and touch and with the right tools and expertise it can be cut and carved into an eye-catching, functional piece.

Renewable – Timber constructions of all sizes have been built for many years. Trees are continually planted, thus the supply continues to be readily available.

‘Low in production’ energy – The process of taking a tree and converting it into a building material takes little energy. This means that the embodied energy in timber is very low.

Insulating – Timber is a natural insulator, so will reduce the amount of energy used for heating the area, hence it is very commonly used for doors, windows and floors.

Easy to work with – Timber is an extremely versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on size of the build, it is a light material, requiring only basic tools for the simpler projects.

Do you want to….

Increase your living space? As our families grow it isn’t always feasible to move house. How about a conservatory, a summer house, or a raised decked area? All structures made from timber and providing the valuable additional space you need.

Enhance your plants? For those of us with green fingers, who enjoy showing off our summer blooms, a timber constructed raised flower bed provides the ideal platform to showcase all of your hard work. Maybe you’d like to start growing your own vegetables; again, using a timber bed you can mark out an area specific for your vegetable patch.

Create storage space? The garden shed has already been mentioned, but consider a timber construction on a much larger scale, such as garages, car ports and workshops.

Work or Play? With the number of people working from home increasing, building a timber structure is ideal for that home office, allowing you to separate work life from home life. You could design a child’s play house, or alternatively an environment for you to enjoy peace and quiet away from the main property.

Whatever your plans are do the research beforehand, ensuring that you get the most out of your gardens new addition. Careful planning at the start will avoid any unnecessary costs, or last minute adjustments to your plans. Happy planning!